Monday, April 18, 2016

FILE Charges. File Legal Cases. Seek Legal Advice. Research. DO NOT STAND for Corruption. Stand up Against CORRUPT and Unethical Attorneys, Judges, Guardians, and Others in powerful positions to harm innocent people. YOU are Powerful. Make some NOISE. File Criminal Charges.

This is NOT Meant to Be Legal Advice, it is Simply RESEARCH Material.

Tips and Information for folks to file Criminal Complaints against Guardians, Judges and Lawyers both state and federal. This is not Given an attorney or an authority on this matter in any way. The document below is simply a sharing of information and not meant to be legal advice.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, say that the Seventh Day Adventist Church did not do all they could have done to prevent the children of Douglas Allison class from being Raped. They seem to have a motto of love the SINNER and not the SIN. I wonder if the have POLICY and did actual background checks on him. We know they IGNORED warnings as reports CLEARLY show.

It is my opinion that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is VERY liable to the Victims of Douglas Allison. They were given warning it seems by another congregation member, a parent as the news reports say. So why did they only question Douglas Allison? Did they check with people, churches, police, anyone in the California town he was in before? Was he ever accused of this before?

It is my personally opinion, and in no way meant to be a stated fact. But as someone who has studied alot about child molestation cases, and has this sort of behavior in my own family, and seen many victims, well I say that it is HIGHLY unlikely that a 55 year old man with this kind of access to children, has not ever molested or raped another child. I allege that there is way more victims and that the Seventh Day Adventist Church did not do ENOUGH to protect the children period. 

Ask them who their insurance carrier is. I hope the VICTIMS are suing, as the Seventh Day Adventist Church had prior knowledge and it does not seem they warned the parents and gave them a choice to remove their kids from the over friendliness that had been warned about 7 months prior to this story getting into the news. They could have prevented further harm and did not. It is my opinion and not to be legal advice, but I say the Seventh Day Adventist Church is negligent in the least.

It is important to ask, obtain , in my opinion, all their records on if they actually did a criminal background check on Douglas Allison before they hired him, before he represented their church. If they did ask to see that, in my opinion. If they did not do a background check then they they are even more liable. If the check showed anything at all and they disclosed it then their insurance rates would have went VERY high.

It is time to stand up to Christian Church schools that LOVE the SINNER and hate the SIN and IGNORE the signs of child abuse. Enough is ENOUGH. More has to be done to protect children.

I say SUE the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

For more Information on the Greg Reseck, Douglas Allison story

Monday, April 4, 2016

Whiny Ass Copyright Porn Thug Evil Lawyer , Marc Randazza, uses DMCA, yet another in a long line of Speech Chilling Tactics, to attempt to SUPPRESS online speech that does not flatter him.

Porn Attorney Marc Randazza has used the U.S Federal Courts, Corrupt Judges, WIPO contacts, Trademark officials, Corrupt attorneys, Judges and more in order to SUPPRESS the Free Speech of anyone who speaks unkindly of him or his slut wife, Jennifer Randazza of whom he is allegedly fake divorcing to avoid massive claims against him.

Marc Randazza, self proclaimed Free Speech advocate, yet NOT has also used the Nevada State Courts, Clark County Courts, and the United States Bankruptcy Courts, Marc Randazza Bankruptcy to Suppress Free Speech. Marc Randazza sued me Crystal Cox and shut down massive websites and flat out stole the domain names, through an unconstitutional TRO, of which 3 years later he still CONTROLS my Domain names FROZEN in time through what I call Bankruptcy Court Corruption, Fraud on the Courts and flat out unethical Evil Doings.

Marc Randazza has friends at wordpress and they simply deleted my blogs about him for him. No due process what so ever.

Attorney Marc Randazza lied under oath to the Ninth Circuit Court, Nevada state and Federal Courts, Oregon courts and more about me and other investigative bloggers exposing him such as Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers

Attorney Marc Randazza seems to use every angle to get courts to shut down websites. He shut down my google blogs via an insider, transferred, STOLE, domain names through a Godaddy insider, and simply does not seem to adhere to the laws. However, he sure does use his blog, his law firm, his court connections, media connections, and attorneys to defame and ruin the lives of others, and you have no recourse to shut down what he says about you.

Word Press sure did pick Marc Randazza over my rights and Flat out Deleted my ENTIRE Blogs for Marc Randazza and that was a couple of years ago now.

Marc Randazza CONTROLS Rip Off Report, he got his rip off report I wrote, FULL OF TRUTH, as a former client, taken down. Ed Magedson at Rip Off Report wrote over all my 100% True Rip Off Reports and defamed me, accused me of criminal acts of which were not true and all to protect Marc Randazza because the Rip Off report was at the top of the search engines for his name.

More on Ed Magedson and Marc Randazza

I had most of the top ten for Marc Randazza's name including and he used fraud and lies to WIPO to steal domains and remove my top 10 presence, and I had no recourse. He continues to hold those domain names and redirected them to his blog post incited hate about me, lying about me and defaming me. And I have no recourse, as he filed for bankruptcy and froze the court case in time, 3.5 years now.

Another dirty trick Marc Randazza does is to create a precedent in a pro bono or small case so he can use in his bigger cases for bigger clients or for his own Free Speech suppressing tactics.

He uses a group of lawyers to create false information about cases he is in and defame litigants and affect court outcomes. Marc Randazza has done this over and over.

Attorney Marc Randazza uses the courts to harass people, create favorable outcomes and settlements in court cases, shut up woman in porn who tell on him, shut down blogs and threaten people's lives, and thus far he is still found a way to remain out of PRISON, how? Who Knows.

Marc Randazza has used my photos, my personal emails, my intellectual property of which I should have a copyright by it's very nature and he refuses to remove these things from his blogs and that of his Randazza Legal Groupie blogs, yet he wants words, Free Speech removed online because it does not flatter him? How is this man still a lawyer? How is Marc Randazza not in prison.

Marc Randazza has removed blogs with me exercising my free speech against Jennifer Randazza and himself and with NO Due Process. Wordpress, Google, WIPO, the Courts and more simply took Marc Randazza's word over mine and violated my rights removing mass online content, MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. 

Marc Randazza defended those who misquoted me, defamed me and he himself went on NPR and flat out lied about me, a former client of which he knew was a flat out lie. Marc Randazza lied to Forbes and other large media outlets and now he want's his way on things he don't like are said or left out about him? What a Jackass.

Marc Randazza's wordpress blog uses my PRIVATE emails and that is my copyrighted material and he has refused for years to remove it. Marc Randazza a blatant asinine hypocrite.

So Now We have This:

"Embattled copyright lawyer uses DMCA to remove article about himself"

"Marc Randazza tells Wordpress that the unflattering story "is not fair use."

"Well-known copyright lawyer Marc Randazza used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to delete an online article about a dispute between his former employer and himself.

Randazza says he sent the notice on behalf of, a porn-industry news site that he represents. Last July, Xbiz (NSFW) published an article about Randazza's legal dispute with a former employer, gay porn publisher Liberty Media. The brouhaha with Liberty Media was also featured here at Ars in a story titled "Bribery, gay porn, and copyright trolls: the rise and fall of lawyer Marc Randazza." It describes how an arbitrator found that Randazza—the Nevada lawyer once championed for helping bring down copyright troll Righthaven— solicited a bribe in a bid to settle a copyright case for Liberty. Randazza soon found himself under investigation by the State Bar of Nevada.

A blog called Fight Copyright Trolls (FCT) mentioned the arbitration award as well. The blog's owner, who goes by "SJD," also noticed that the Xbiz article had been changed—but he had kept an original copy, saved and published as a PDF file on his site. On Feb. 1 nearly seven months after the FCT blog published the Xbiz article and related commentary, SJD was on the receiving end of Randazza's copyright takedown request. The FCT blog had re-published the entire Xbiz story, and Randazza claimed that made it a piratical, infringing copy.

It was Randazza himself who was instrumental in proving that even reposting an entire article can be fair use in one of the cases where he bested Righthaven. Nevertheless, Randazza sent the DMCA notice about the FCT blog to Automattic, which owns the WordPress blogging platform. Randazza was demanding that an unflattering article about himself be wiped from the Internet—in the name of his client, Xbiz, which continues to host an almost-identical version.

The DMCA legal notice didn't lead to quick compliance, however. Instead, Randazza got into a back-and-forth about copyright law with Wordpress' "Community Guardians."

“So what's the verdict?”

"It looks like Rhett Pardon is the author of the article infringed upon, and you’re actually the subject of the article," a WordPress Community Guardian, identified in e-mails as Sal P., told Randazza. "Do you work for XBiz, and are you authorized to represent them in this way?"

Sal reminded Randazza that "all information you furnish in connection with DMCA notices (including your authorization to act on behalf of the copyright holder) is submitted under penalty of perjury."

"I may be the subject of the article, but I am also legal counsel to Xbiz," Randazza wrote in response. "Rhett Pardon is a pen name for the author, but Adnet Media d/b/a Xbiz is the copyright owner. I submit this information under penalty of perjury. If you would feel more comfortable with a declaration from the actual writer, I will get that for you."

It wasn't over yet. The next day, a WordPress employee identified as Leroy responded, asking Randazza if he had considered fair use before sending the takedown request. Leroy had noticed that there was a key difference between the current article up on Xbiz and the original Xbiz article preserved by SJD.

"As you may know, the DMCA is frequently abused by complainants who are not authorized to act on behalf of a copyright holder, but nevertheless seek to remove certain materials from the Internet on copyright grounds," Leroy wrote. "We’re very vigilant about this issue."


"As for SJD, the pseudonymous author of the Fight Copyright Trolls blog, he views the Randazza DMCA notice as an attempt to erase history.

"I felt what was going on was censorship," SJD said in an telephone interview with Ars. "The notion that I drew page views from them is so ridiculous it doesn’t pass the smell test."

The Xbiz article discusses the same Randazza employment dispute that Ars reported on in November. Liberty Media, called by its brand name Corbin Fisher in the Xbiz piece, won an award against Randazza of more than $600,000 through binding arbitration.

The arbitrator found that Randazza had improperly worked for Liberty competitors and had "successfully concluded negotiations for a bribe in the amount of $75,000." Court proceedings to finalize the award are on hold due to Randazza's declaration of bankruptcy last year. (The arbitrator did not conclude, however, that Randazza actually received the $75,000.)

As WordPress' Leroy saw, however, there's a critical difference between the article currently up at and the original, preserved one on the FCT blog. Even though the DMCA notice was dropped, SJD has removed the full PDF and updated the post with a screenshot of two paragraphs Xbiz deleted from the story it originally published."

Source and Full Marc Randazza Article, Click BELOW and Read this Full Story

Arbitration Award, Check it Out, Marc Randazza seems to have been involved in Bribery but still is not in prison hmmm..

Other Links for More on this Marc Randazza Story

Also Note I PDF articles before I post them as well, so I have that article mentioned above and I also re-posted it as it is very important to protect the public from attorney Marc Randazza. If you cannot find an article please email me at and I will send it to you.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend says HEY even if that guy molested and raped those kids in his classroom with other kids in it, I Still consider him a Friend. I say Greg Reseck of Cedar Brook Port Townsend is either misquoted or one VERY SICK, Sinful, and Disturbed Man.

So God LOVES the Sinner and Hates the SIN?  Well some Christians like to say that Pedophilia is not a sin that is in the bible. Oh but it is extramarital, and that is a Sin.

Sequim authorities don't seem to take pedophilia serious as I see it. They are warned and let people get away with it.  Clallam County courts do not really take Child Rape and molestation serious or they can't seem to prosecute.

Google Joshua Larson of Port Townsend, he molested an 8 year old at a public pool in Sequim, oh sorry allegedly and the Sequim officials, Clallam County courts found him not guilty. Oh and that same Josh Larson raped and molested other girls in several other Washington Counties.

Authorities were warned last year of Mountain View Christian School principal and teacher Douglas Allison of Sequim and yet could do nothing to stop him, why? Mostly because of guys like Greg Reseck who friend, protect and therefore aid and abet guys like Douglas Allison of Sequim who is "friendly" with children.

Greg Reseck
HEY Greg Reseck: If you SUPPORT Pedophiles and call them a "friend" YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY.

It is SICK enough that Mountain View Christian School principal and teacher Douglas Allison
of Sequim, Washington was questioned on being "too friendly", and that was way back in October of 2015 now even SICKER Douglas Allison seems to have molested and raped kids in his Christian School classroom, with other children in the room.  Oh and even SICKER Greg Reseck a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend says, even if Douglas Allison RAPED those innocent Christian children, I will "still consider him a friend".  - This is WHY Rape and Molestation of children is not often prosecuted, hard to believe children and these guys are protected over and over by their peers, friends, associate pastors and sicko cronies such as Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend, Washington.

Here is the King 5 news Sick Quote from Greg Reseck of Port Townsend;

""As a Christian, God loves the sinner but hates the sin. But even if he's convicted, I will still consider him my friend," said Greg Reseck, a teacher from Cedar Brook Adventist Church in Port Townsend."


Let's pray that King 5 news got the quote wrong and Greg Reseck is not this sick and twisted.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

the Air in Port Townsend Washington is TOXIC. Believe what helps you sleep at night, the TRUTH remains to be the TRUTH. Find your Facts for Yourself. Do not believe me or anyone. It is your Body, your Life. Still the TRUTH is the TRUTH.

ORCAA is NOT telling Port Townsend Residents the TRUTH. 

ORCAA says,:"Paper mill odor

While it can be a source of unpleasant smells the Port Townsend Paper Co. is not the source of excess particulate matter, Hadley said. 

“The odor from the mill comes from reduced sulphur compounds, which the nose detects but the instruments do not,” she said. 

“We do not believe the mill provides any kind of health risk.”

Source of this BULL

This is NOT True Folks. The Port Townsend Paper Mill is producing fine particles and YOU are breathing them and it is TOXIC. Do not believe ME, do not believe ORCAA nor anyone else. DO your homework, it is your body, your children's lungs and health, your quality of life. YOU get to choose what you believe or IGNORE.

It is my OPINION because I can READ and think for myself that INDEED the Port Townsend Paper Mill PROVIDES a Health Risk. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. 

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is owned by BILLIONAIRES. Your Lungs and Quality of life is of NO Concern to them. Believe what you must, however the facts are out there if you really want to find them. If you don't then you don't.

Jefferson County Health is NOT doing their Job to Protect Jefferson County. Neither is the Jefferson County Commissioners nor the Washington DOE.

"when compared to "other" places" WHERE? China? 
What places is this comparison. Good news the air is mostly, pretty much oK. Folks do you own homework. There is billion dollar companions involved and they do NOT have your lungs nor your children's lung's or health on their priority list. YOU are breathing ammonia. Is even a little bit of poison OK?

The ORCAA study plays down the Toxins. The school is the worst? Is this really ok with people. How do you feel? Are you tired, are your kids sick. They ARE breathing fine particle TOXIC air. They are breathing ammonia.

This list is from 2009 and its way worse now.

This on top of polluting over 12 million gallons of water a day and in a time of massive drought.  All this is ok with YOU, Really? Ok well you are in charge. If you don't want to breath Toxic Air, pollute 12 million gallons of PURE spring water a day, pollute the soil with massive acidic toxins, and pollute the Port Townsend Bay and the Puget Sound with massive toxic acid, well then you will, ONE DAY stand up to the DOE of Washington, the Port Townsend Paper Mill GREED, the Jefferson County Commissioners, the Town of Port Townsend, and Jefferson County Health.

Local nurses and doctors know of the cancer rates in Port Townsend, they know of countless children who had to leave due to the TOXIC air and others that stay and try to get well. WHY? Well because on the service Port Townsend is amazing. It seems as though a healthy place with lot's of  wonderful Organic Farms however there is NO WAY to be ORGANIC when your crops are getting the toxins from the Port Townsend Paper Mill. The Port Townsend Paper Mill is NOT a FIT for the residents, farms, consciousness of the MAJORITY of Port Townsend Washington.

My first year in Port Townsend someone told me to go outside at night with a flashlight, I then lived off of discovery road. The particles in the air were SHOCKING. This toxin does affect you whether you believe it or not. THE TRUTH is the TRUTH no matter who chooses to believe it.

I have head so many stories of people who had to leave Port Townsend Washington due to health issues regarding the fine particle TOXIC air from the GREEDY Port Townsend Paper Mill.

It really may not affect your health. Or you may have other health issues and so you believe it is not affecting your health. I believe it does.

I use to be so excited about all the Organics in Port Townsend, however, how can there truly be Organics with the Port Townsend Paper Mill spewing such a huge amount of ammonia, and other toxins.

Though Port Townsend is a Magical Place, the city is so "cool", there is so many amazing beautiful people and events, so many organics and well it is just a very special place, I have had to leave as have hundreds if not thousands over the years, as my chest would seize with a grip as if in a vice, my head above my eyes would feel intense painful pressure, my eyes would burn and eyesight foggy, my stomach as if turning inside out, my inner ear in intense pain, liver pain and literally waking up seizing, and choking with sever throat and lymph pain.

You can Believe whatever you like, however, the TRUTH is out there SHOULD you ever really want to know. ORCAA is NOT telling the TRUTH. Follow the Money Folks.

More at

Friday, March 25, 2016

the Washington State Department of Ecology is suppose to protect the ECOLOGY of Washington. Instead they PROTECT Corporate GREED and aid and abet TOXIC Companies such as the Port Townsend Paper Mill to POISON residents, air, soil and water.

Who does the Washington State Department of Ecology work for? Well they are PAID by YOUR Tax Dollars, but they "work for" Toxic Greedy Corporations that are Polluting your Air, Water, and Soil.

The Washington DOE Claims:

Our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance
Washington's environment, and promote the wise
management of our air, land and water.

Yet that is NOT what they REALLY Do. Instead they preserve the rights of corporate GREED to poison our water, air, soil and affect our life and health negatively.

the Washington State Department of Ecology claims; 

In order to fulfill our mission and move Washington forward
in a global economy, 
the Dept. of Ecology has three goals:
· Prevent pollution
· Clean up pollution
· Support sustainable communities and natural resources

This is NOT TRUE. The WA DOE does NOT Prevent Pollution, they don't even try and PREVENT. Instead they enable companies such as the Port Townsend Paper mill and other Toxic Corporations to SPEW pollutants into our air and to pollute our water MASSIVELY, even in times of severe drought.

State of Washington Law [WAC 173-401-600]
*(this is from Port Townsend Paper Corporation Air Operating
Permit, Facility Wide General Requirements, Issued by WA
Department of Ecology)

No. 2. Detrimental Emissions. The permitee shall not
cause or allow emission of any contaminant if it is
detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of any
person, or causes damage to property or business.

[WAC 173-400-040(5)]

No. 6. Particulate Matter Deposition. ... No
deposition of particulate matter beyond property line
so as to interfere unreasonably with use and
enjoyment. [WAC 173-400-040(2)]

No. 7. Odors. ...Any person causing odor which may
unreasonably interfere with use & enjoyment of
property must use recognized good practice and
procedures to reduce odors to a reasonable minimum.
[WAC 173-400-040(4)]

the Washington State Department of Ecology FAILS Washington Residents and Enables Polluters, Billionaires to keep making Billions and getting your Tax Money by way of subsidies, as the POISON ever aspect of your life.

Jefferson County Health, Port Townsend Washington, is aiding and abetting the Port Townsend Paper Mill to POISON Port Townsend. They know how many people get sick. They know the TOXINS and they cover it up for GREED, for money, for funding. ALL at the expense of YOUR quality of LIFE, your air, your water, your soil, YOUR LIFE.

RCW 70.05.060 Powers and duties of local board of health. 

Each local board of health shall have supervision over all matters pertaining to the preservation of the life and health of the people within its jurisdiction and shall: (1) Enforce through the local health officer or the administrative officer appointed under RCW 70.05.040, if any, the public health statutes of the state and rules promulgated by the state board of health and the secretary of health; ,,, (5) Provide for the prevention, control and abatement of nuisances detrimental to the public health

RCW 70.05.070 Local health officer — Powers and duties. 

The local health officer, acting under the direction of the local board of health or under direction of the administrative officer appointed under RCW 70.05.040 or 70.05.035, if any, shall: (1) Enforce the public health statutes of the state, rules of the state board of health and the secretary of health, and all local health rules, regulations and ordinances within his or her jurisdiction... (2) Take such action as is necessary to maintain health and sanitation supervision over the territory within his or her jurisdiction; ... (5) Prevent, control or abate nuisances which are detrimental to the public healt

Jefferson County Health has FAILED Jefferson County and Port Townsend and the people of Jefferson County have yet to stand up against them.

the Port Townsend Paper Mill is Poisoning Port Townsend. The SMELL of MONEY they Call It. I Call it the SMELL of Toxic Greed that has no Conscience of what that MONEY SMELL is doing to the lungs, health, soil, water, air and quality of life of Port Townsend Residents, as well as all of Jefferson County Washington.

I have not written about the Port Townsend Paper Mill in awhile. I became very discouraged at articles claiming Port Townsend Air Quality is GOOD, when it is NOT Good it is Down Right TOXIC. Discouraged at CLEARLY toxic air and a local government that CLEARLY chooses Greed and Profit over People.

The DEQ and Jefferson County Officials hide the FACTS from the public. People are sick, and they leave the area due to this sickness. Others can't leave because they are stuck in overpriced Port Townsend Real Estate, Home. These folks thought the mill would be gone by now.

Still we have positive news on the Port Townsend Paper Mill from the Port Townsend Leader. When the TRUTH is not all FLUFFY as the Port Townsend Leader makes it out to be.

We have officials such as Deborah Stimson who does not care about air quality or sound pollution as she has clearly proven. Meanwhile the actual data shows MASSIVE TOXINS, ammonia in the air and much more that is burning your lungs, harming your health and creating HUGE amounts of fine particle pollution that you and your children breath every day. Children and babies have all kinds of damage and health concerns from these fine particles of MASSIVE harmful, Toxic Pollution. Meanwhile Jefferson County is paid off by BIG MONEY from the hedge funds and corporate greed of those who own and profit from investing in the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

We have a commissioner somewhere paid off by the Paper Mill in some unknown account that will never be traced according to anonymous sources.

And we have a public who thinks the mill is the smell of money. And don't seem to care what you give up, pollute, ruin, or sacrifice for that MONEY SMELL.

Meanwhile YOU are sick and you don't why. You have low energy and you don't why. Your inner ears hurt, your throat hurts, your eyes feel funny, you feel hazy and you are not sure what it is. It is the Port Townsend Paper Mill poisoning you.

The Public at large let's Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend flat out lie about the Mill as the Port Townsend Paper Mill pollutes MASSIVE water and you the public are to cut down on water use, as they use over 12 million gallons a day and POLLUTE the water and the Port Townsend Bay.

They Flat out LIE about what is really in the air you are breathing, and the Public, the local media outlets and the local governing body REFUSES to actually disclose the TRUTH that they know through air monitors. Instead they choose to CODDLE Greed.

I also became discouraged at Governor Inslee's carbon tax being shot down on places like the Port Townsend Paper Mill and the claims, FLAT OUT LIES, that the Port Townsend Paper Mill is not a HUGE Carbon Polluter when they clear are and Jefferson County Washington ignores it and protects 300 jobs which is actually 1% of Jefferson County. There are so many amazing people in Port Townsend that make money with clean jobs that do not harm the air, soil and water. 

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is putting massive toxins into the air. I am not saying to believe me. I am saying do your homework. Get all the documents, including the LYING bankruptcy documents of the previous mill owner, the air monitor reports that are out there, take an independent air monitor test, and find out ALL the documented facts for yourself. Don't Believe the LIES of the Port Townsend Leader, the Jefferson County Commissioners, Paid off Jefferson County Health or ANYONE. Find the FACTS for yourself. This is your AIR, your water, your soil, your LIFE.

The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County Washington PROTECTS the Port Townsend Paper Mill and Put's PROFIT before the health of the Citizens of Port Townsend Washington.

YOU are the MEDIA. Do something about the Corruption in your Area. Whether it is a Toxic Paper Mill, Corrupt Officials such as Mayors, Governors, Detectives, Sheriff’s, City Officials, County Commissioners, Greedy Polluting Corporations, or any other official or issue that affects all. Post documented proof, take videos of the incident, take photos, video yourself talking about the story. Start a blog, do a press release, start a Facebook page. YOU are the NEWS. We the People. News by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE.  ~ Crystal L. Cox,Investigative Blogger

You are Media

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